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To be the hands & feet of Christian hope to people affected by disaster


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To offer aid and assistance to those people affected by the devastation from recent natural disasters. To bring hope through restoring homes and by sharing true hope through Jesus Christ.

St Charles, Minnesota   August 19, 2007


Minnesota Disaster Relief is seeking help for an upcoming benefit. It is for a family that is dealing with cancer. Diane has stage 3+ breast cancer. This is creating an extreme financial burden on this family of five. They have a family owned business that has taken a hit due to the economy. Added to that, Diane is unable to work, and then there is the burden of the medical bills… they could really use our help. Prayer is a great place to start!

Minnesota Disaster Relief typically reaches out to do restoration after natural disasters, but this is a disaster of another type. Let’s rally the troops and help show Diane and her family the love of Jesus by being His hands and feet during this time of disaster in their life.

We are in the beginning stages of putting together a benefit for Diane. We are planning to do it in October, but we might have to be flexible with the date. Here are the needs that we know of at this time:

• Facility for the benefit in the area of Osseo/Maple Grove
We are planning to have desserts and possibly appetizers, so a kitchen would be helpful, but we can get by without a kitchen by using the MDR motor home for food prep, if needed. Low cost facility rental would be helpful in raising more money for Diane. We’d like to have the benefit be a fun event and are thinking it would be fun if there could be the option for people to dance. Maybe live music/concert/DJ? We are not really sure.

• Food donations
We will be posting some dessert and appetizer recipes on this site and will need people to prepare the recipes and get the finished product to the benefit location.

• Entertainment
Maybe a DJ with a good line –up of music downloads? Live worship music? Live music or downloads from the 70’s? Blue grass live/downloads? MC?

• Silent Auction Donations
This might be something new or a service that you would like to donate. Maybe you would be willing to solicit donations from businesses/individuals. Maybe some of you would like to get together and make a quilt or a project of some sort that has been popular at other silent auctions.

• Physical help
We will need many hands and feet on the day of the event; setting up/taking down, serving, staffing…

• Planners/Coordinators
Some of you have done this before and your help would be welcomed in planning this event.

Some additional information…
• Diane’s family could use someone to come once in a while to help tidy up the

• We are compiling a cookbook to help raise funds for Diane. This will be available to purchase at the benefit, as well as through MDR. More information to follow.

• We might need some help getting the cookbook ready for print.

Please contact Karen Nagel at 320-296-3543 or email to let us know how you might be able to help with this benefit or how you might be able to reach out to this family. If you have some ideas on how to make this a success, please share those ideas with us!! Thank you for being servants!!


What's New?

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Don't forget you can still go to the online volunteer signup form!  You can find it at  Once you get there, click on the "Register" link and fill out the volunteer profile form.  This information is kept strictly confidential and is used solely by Minnesota Disaster Relief for the purpose of contacting you and for assessing your skills.  Also, on the signup form, if you choose to receive e-mail from us, we'll add you to our mailing list so that you're kept up to date with what we're doing!

Donation Needs

We hope to raise funds for the following:

  • Cash donations to pay for sponsorship for volunteers that want to go but cannot afford to pay their own way (the cost for each volunteer is $600 for a week of food, lodging, and transportation).
  • Funds to purchase building materials for residents while we're there.  
  • Items for the Thift Store in Waveland Ms.
  • Kitchen appliances, small and large
  • Decorative home items
  • Beding, pillows,blankets,kitchen and bath towels
  • Area rugs
  • Furniture,bedroom,living room, study,den
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Beds - box springs,mattresses,bed frames, hesd and foot boards, in twin thru queen sizes(no kings)
  • Clothes washers and dryers
  • Children's games and toys
  • BOOKS  hardcover and paperback, all categories and authors.
  • To donate items for the Thrift Store contact Steve Stall at 320-286-2562

Please send donations to:
Minnesota Disaster Relief, Inc. 
17965 718th Ave
Dassel, MN 55325

Thank You!

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